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1121 Dorchester Avenue

Location: 1121 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125

Completion Date: 

Client: Broadway Hospitality Group

Size: 29,000 SF (both buildings)

The 1121 Dot Ave. project is a mixed-use residential development that consists of two separate structures—a five-story mixed-use building located at 1121 Dorchester Avenue and a three-story residential building abutting Savin Hill Avenue. The five story building includes 24 residential units plus ground level restaurant space and the three story building provides an additional 3 units. The development will include a below-grade parking garage with 2-high automated stackers to accommodate 19 vehicular spaces for residential use. 

The client expressed interest in developing these buildings as “timeless” and “classic” structures that appear strong, durable, and familiar, yet also maintain a more contemporary and elegant design approach. This feedback led to the design team including material elements like masonry, metal, and glass with a darker, contrasted color palette. Ensuring the five story building would fit in with its surroundings, we reduced the building’s perceived mass along Dorchester Avenue by incorporating step-backs and openings at strategic locations. The three-story building draws on inspiration from the classic Boston "Triple Deckah" and aims to nest itself into the street fabric through a contemporary and craftful approach. The ultimate goal to achieve two contemporary buildings that fit into the context of the densely developed area was achieved through the strategic design of both massings and facades. 

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