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1175 Dorchester Avenue

Location: 1175 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125

Completion Date: 2022

Client: Boston Realty Advisors

Size: 9,903 SF

Coming soon to Dorchester Avenue, a handsome new residential building with ground level retail space. The project adds nine 2- and 3-bedroom units to an existing single story commercial building, infilling an underutilized corner of Dorchester Avenue. The ground level will maintain its presence as a commercial space, providing opportunities for a restaurant, fitness center, art gallery and more. 

Our design for its brick facade plays with the history of masonry throughout the city in a modern way through use of extruded brick patterns and coursing. The use of cementitious panels and wood inset balconies tie the facade together in a cohesive and timeless design that mimics the existing structure's facade. 

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