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24 Drydock

Location: Boston, MA 02210

Completion Date: n/a

Client: Core Investments

Size: 30,000 SF

RODE partnered with Core Investments on a response to the City's Request for Proposals to redevelop 24 Drydock, in the Seaport District. Our response focused on bringing together a sustained maritime industry and the innovation tenants that now populate the Seaport District. Site planning highlighted the intersection of two major street axes in the eastern Seaport, lifting the building and exposing a metaphoric 'hull' to open up and protect a new public plaza and gathering space. 

The building satisfied Chapter 91 public access requirements with a new rooftop observation space that overlooks the active drydock. A finely detailed southern facade layered modern fenestration techniques over a regular structure that references the adjacent historic waterfront buildings.

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