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35 South Huntington

Location: 35 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130

Completion Date: 2017

Client: Walter Huntington LLC

Size: 45,500 SF

The 35 South Huntington mixed-use development is derived from a creative reassessment of its site context and urban conditions. The strategic placement of the two, shifting, volumetric forms are designed to react to the adjacent historic row homes in scale, while the larger mass references future development and complements the busy thoroughfares of Huntington and South Huntington Avenues. The 35-unit building’s contemporary aesthetic possesses a rich material palette that relates to its immediate context, creating a strong identity along the segmented urban grid of South Huntington Avenue. Additionally, the building widens the sidewalk that runs along the first floor commercial space in order to activate a public environment and increase pedestrian interaction.

Photography by Peter Vanderwarker

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