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Location: 600 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

Completion Date: 2020

Client: Premier Property Solutions / Chef Michael Serpa

Size: 3,900 NSF

The new restaurant Atlántico brings Spanish flair to Boston’s South End. This interior re-fit builds on a dramatic palette inspired by its Spanish menu—as though the fresh seafood paella or jamon ibérico tapas with a glass of chilled sherry or white rum sangria were served in the rich, gold light of a beach-side bar on a warm night, looking out at the salty, indigo water. Indigo furnishings ground the restaurant, while gold fixtures draw the eye up.  

The restaurant’s central feature is a U-shaped, indigo bar with scalloped metal sides. Its U breaks on one arm and picks up as a small raw food station for fresh calamari or ceviche. A dropped soffit directly above the bar creates a lower, intimate space in the center of the restaurant. Wood slats clad the soffit, with gold light shining out between them. From the soffit, two long, gold fins project over the barstools, echoing the curve of the bar underneath. Framed gold mesh panels float above the tables in the center of the restaurant below exposed, black-painted structure, pipes, and ducts.  

The restaurant’s primary indigo and gold are accented by the cool white of marble tabletops and wall tiles, and deep red slat window shades which slide back and forth on casters like the sway of a flamenco dancer’s dress. Atlántico hosts a variety of dining experiences, from the bar and two- or eight-person tables to raised bench seating along its window walls. The restaurant also offers outdoor patio seating for warmer months, where workers from nearby offices can enjoy atlántico’s coffee and breakfast offerings.

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