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Flats on Savin

Location: 120 Savin Hill Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125

Competion Date: 2017

Client: 120 Savin Hill Ave, LLC

Size: 20,228 SF

In response to the need for transit-oriented housing Flats on Savin was completed in 2017. The building was constructed next to and above Savin Bar + Kitchen, strategically utilizing the existing building as a support structure. The client required Savin Bar + Kitchen remain in operation during the construction of the Flats. As a result, various complex construction sequencing measures were taken to eliminate the need for the restaurant to temporarily close. 

The project also infilled an eyesore of an overgrown lot so unfavorably infamous to residents that it acquired the nickname “Savin Hill Hole”. The “Hole” sat unutilized for decades until being transformed into 14 residential units and ground level restaurant space. 

Flats on Savin sits 3’0” way from the Red Line and commuter rail, with I-93 abutting the tracks. Our firm helped develop HushFrame technology to combat the extraneous noise that denies vibrations from transmitting into the residential units. Flats on Savin is the very first building to have implemented this successful approach to sound and vibration.

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