Using Virtual Reality As An Architectural Tool

The year’s top technological trend is carving out a place for itself in the architecture industry. Virtual Reality (VR for short) can provide architects with quick outputs of virtual spaces that may not be built for months or even years. VR is a three dimensional simulation of a real or modeled environment/space that can be inhabited, and often interacted with, through the use of special VR equipment. In order to navigate smoothly through a virtual space a highly powerful computer is needed. VR has also become an effective marketing tool for many real estate agencies. Capturing VR footage of an existing space requires no expertise in the field, just a 3D camera in a fixed location. The proc

Dorchester Plan Would Replace ‘Eyesore’ With Three-Story Building

The boarded-up store at Savin Hill Avenue and Sydney Street in Dorchester “has been an eyesore on Savin Hill’s main drag for years,” per Jennifer Smith of the Dot Reporter. There’s a plan afoot now to replace that eyesore with a gleaming commercial building of three floors and with room for up to three tenants, including very likely a neighborhood market. Developer James Baker recently presented the plan for 110 Savin Hill Avenue at a meeting of a neighborhood civic group, calling it “an aspirational development.” RODE Architects is behind the modern design, which seeks to integrate the new building with its surrounding streetscape. Stay tuned! Read the original article, by Jennifer Smith fo

Why We Care About Thoughtful, Sustainable Design And The Footprint We Leave

In 2014 Mayor Marty Walsh released a Climate Action Plan to ensure the city is prepared for the impacts of climate change. This plan outlines an approach to cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25% citywide by 2020 and by 80% for city operations. At RODE, we stand behind the Mayor’s Action Plan and are focused on how our work can improve the communities around us, spatially and environmentally. We find value in applying our design knowledge to create energy efficient buildings with low carbon footprints and contributing to the collective effort throughout Boston to address climate change and the threat it poses. One of RODE’s core approaches to sustainable development centers on adaptive reuse, t

Case Study: Flats on Savin – ‘Hushframe’

Construction of our “Flats on Savin," a 14 unit mixed use project with a new commercial space , is now well underway. Much like all design projects, it has its own set of unique challenges that drive ingenuity and creative solutions. One of the most unique in this case is the building’s proximity to the expressway and the railroad tracks. The project sits only 3’0” way from the MTBA’s property line. This set of tracks is very busy with Red Line branches in each direction, as well as the commuter rail and Amtrak lines. I-93 north and south follow on the other side of the tracks. The challenge: How do you manage the sound? The design team turned to a new, innovative technology called “H

RODE Hosts Two University of Michigan Students As Part of Externship Program

As a part of the University of Michigan’s Spring Break Connections Externship Program, RODE hosted two architectural students February 27 – March 3. A day at RODE is never dull and it takes an exceptional student to make their mark as part of RODE’s team. Those who maintain a positive attitude, are willing to step outside their comfort zones, ready to work across a variety of projects, and eager to learn new skills to develop the knowledge required by the field will thrive and bring these key learnings with them to apply to their studies and in the next chapter of their lives. The student experience at RODE is rewarding on both ends and we are consistently inspired by the ingenuity and impre

RODE Restaurant Work Featured in Food Service East

RODE's restaurant work and intensive collaboration process is featured in this month's issue of Foodservice East. Check out some highlights below: “We’re a very process-oriented design firm and restaurants make up 10 to 15 percent of what we do. We know our process. There’s a lot of complexity from the kitchen to the front door.” The architects like to work with chefs and general managers as well as doing an “exhaustive study” with patrons. When their work begins on a project, they look at what the space looks and feels like as a starting point. “We don’t dictate the final outcome,” Robinson explains. The goal is to translate the owners’ vision in an architectural way, he points out. Asked w

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