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SRV Restaurant Featured on Eater

Situated right on Columbus Avenue in the South End, SRV — from The Salty Pig duo of Michael Lombardi and Kevin O’Donnell — plans to open early next week. The front of the restaurant space is floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows that open like garage doors during warmer months. A large portrait of a lion greets guests at the front, and the space divides into a bar area and dining room.

To the right, the bar area starts with a large open space inspired by traditional Venetian bacaro-style dining — diners are meant to stand and casually enjoy small plates. Beyond the open space, the marble-topped bar awaits, surrounded by leather-lined seats. Behind the bar, small circular leather stools swing out from underneath a long, multipurpose room divider that serves as a table, service stand, and divider of the room.

The dining room is an open space with varying colors of exposed brick adding character and charm. Velvet banquettes run down the center of the room, and lightbulb-stuffed vintage decanters hang from above, providing a regal feel. A spacious wooden patio is in the back, surrounded by office buildings, which give it a private feel.

In the back of the dining room, tall rustic blue doors roll on tracks to create a private dining room, or the space remains open for additional seating. An artful wine rack hangs from the back, empty now, waiting to be filled with wine from friends and family on opening night. Across from the hanging wine racks, the brick wall is lined with white hanging vases of all different sizes and shapes. Nestled inside are little green plants, providing a pop of color. A gold mirror hangs from the back wall.

Original article by Katie Chudy: Peek Inside SRV


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