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Remembering Joe Chaisson

Yesterday we lost our dear friend and neighbor, Joe Chaisson. We wish to offer our deepest respect and condolences to his wife Carol, the Chaisson family, and all of his friends and neighbors.

In many ways, RODE Architects grew out of the desire to do something better for our neighbors in Savin Hill. We were first witness to the community process by watching Joe Chaisson’s intense engagement in the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association. Laughable at times, there was no easy passage through Joe at the planning board. His approval was never guaranteed. As years passed- we came to understand and accept this scrutiny as something bigger than just toying with developers and billboard vendors.

He loved his neighbors. The community was his family. At his bench dedication, in one of the blizzards of 2015, he said “I was taught to never do anything just for a thank you.” Well, we DO thank you, Joe. We promise to follow your example.

-Kevin Deabler and Eric Robinson


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