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RODE Cyclists

As you approach RODE’s office, you might notice a couple of bikes out in the hall or adjacent to the model table. This is very much indicative of RODE’s growing cycling culture in the office. At the moment, almost half (44%) bike to work - some year-round cyclists, while others are seasonal. Along with its health benefits and a lower carbon emissions count, it’s also a medium for community engagement. This past spring, RODE recently participated in MassCommute Bicycle Challenge and finished 7th place under the small business category! Not too bad for a first time participant. If you’ve ever attended a Boston Bike Party event, you might’ve seen a couple of us there as well.

The following infographic not only shows the route taken by RODE cyclists, but also shows that we live in neighborhoods impacted by the work we do. In addition, the chart measures the influence of cycling to our environment. I hope this post encourages others to choose cycling as their primary mode of transport!

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