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RODE Hosts Two University of Michigan Students As Part of Externship Program

As a part of the University of Michigan’s Spring Break Connections Externship Program, RODE hosted two architectural students February 27 – March 3.

A day at RODE is never dull and it takes an exceptional student to make their mark as part of RODE’s team. Those who maintain a positive attitude, are willing to step outside their comfort zones, ready to work across a variety of projects, and eager to learn new skills to develop the knowledge required by the field will thrive and bring these key learnings with them to apply to their studies and in the next chapter of their lives.

The student experience at RODE is rewarding on both ends and we are consistently inspired by the ingenuity and impressive work ethic that these young minds bring to the table. We were honored to have Michigan students Willow Davis and Jingxi Miao with us this semester and pleased to share their feedback on the experience.

Willow Davis, Junior Undergraduate (Right):

I requested RODE because I liked their local commitment to the city of Boston and the diversity of individuals at the firm. Using teamwork to construct a physical model for 6 and 14 West Broadway was a valuable experience because it allowed me to understand the culmination of the firm's effort for each project. While at RODE, I learned a lot and look forward to applying these skills back at Michigan.

Jingxi Miao, Sophomore Undergraduate (Left):

The open office plan at RODE creates a dynamic space and adds a level of efficiency to the design workflow; the background music promotes a welcoming atmosphere while people move around freely to collaborate - this is the essence of RODE. To my delight, not only did we learn more about the architectural process and model building skills, but we were able to learn more about the great City of Boston.

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