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The Role Of Graphics In Good Design

When it comes to the many details involved in designing a building, smaller elements like branding can often fall by the wayside. This is not the case at RODE, however, where creating a unique brand image is a core aspect of the design process. We believe that incorporating interesting graphics into a design attracts people to the space and allows a building to stand out from the crowd in a world where new buildings seem to be going up on every corner. A client’s overall brand image is also a great source of inspiration during the initial design process and can be integrated in elements like signage, which showcase the style of the client’s company long after the building is completed.

For us, it is important to focus on how our clients want their brands represented and to apply our knowledge of the latest industry trends in graphics. Bright colors, bold typography, and hand drawn graphics are just a few of the latest “big things.” We have also noticed that the average consumer is seeking something more eclectic and creative inspring our clients to add some vibrancy to their projects. Interesting “duo-tones,” authentic images, and Google fonts are a few other trends rounding out our predictions for 2017.

Duo-tones create a more dynamic look in signage by using one vibrant color alongside its deeper neutral partner. Graphics companies are also showcasing new digital printing techniques that can turn any image into a vibrant and unique wall graphic. We are seeing these types of graphics frequently used as wall features in in commercial and hospitality spaces. Google fonts, which have grown to include more than 800 font types, work across a number of platforms, making it easier to create individualized aesthetics for interior design, exterior signage, and marketing.

Staying up-to-date in graphic design trends and incorporating them in other aspects of architecture and interior design is essential to our process and we have seen the positive impact this approach has on our client’s projects and in creating spaces with their own unique flare.

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