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Tom English Bar, Dot Market To Be Sold; Mixed-Use Development Pitched

Tom English’s bar and the adjacent Dorchester Market— two longtime businesses on a prominent Dot Ave corner in Columbia-Savin Hill— are under agreement to be sold this summer with the next owner eyeing a mixed-use project for the site.

RODE architects, which is working on several other nearby projects, is attached to the Tom English redevelopment plan. The site location — near the JFK/UMass T stop with solid foot traffic passing through the area — means “it falls into this category of transit-oriented development,” said Kevin Deabler with RODE Architects.

The site abuts College Bound’s property at The Little House on East Cottage Street, which is also where the Columbia-Savin Hill group meets monthly during general session.

“We know that’s a special building, and it’s been a special building for the whole community,” Deabler said. “So the fact that this is one of their key abutters right here, we’re just working hand in hand with them, but we’re just not at a point right now to sit down and say what it is."

Stay tuned for more information!

For more information, check out the original article by Jennifer Smith at the Dorchester Report, here.

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