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RODE Projects Featured in "New Restaurants Local Chefs Are Excited About"

Two of RODE's restaurant projects, Southern Proper and Buttonwood, have been featured in's "New Restaurants Local Chefs Are Excited About."

Southern Proper features an open kitchen, swathed in reclaimed light pine wood, filled with personally curated tchotchkes, and contains lots of character-filled touches — like a bar-front wrapped in tin from an antique movie theater. Besides the vaulted ceiling, there are lots of large windows letting in plenty of sunlight for a bright, airy atmosphere.

At Buttonwood, in the dining room, one wall is covered in wood paneling, the banquettes in dark blue pleather. Its gleaming wood floor gives way to black and white tiles on at the larger bar area. A miniature brass bust of Roosevelt sits atop the bar where people are encourage to eat and mingle.

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