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West Broadway Hotel Builds A Model Room

This past winter, the West Broadway Hotel team had the opportunity to build the firm's first model room. Ahead of the full interior build out of the Cambria hotel, located at the gateway into South Boston, our team was able to construct a full scale mock-up of the typical hotel room. Model rooms are an important part of the process for a hotel build - ensuring client, brand, and operations approval before building and furnishing a hotel room multiple times, in this case 159 times.

The experience of building a model room for this size of project was incredibly helpful and informative for the building of the remainder of the project. It was a great test run for all project participants and trades to complete final system coordination and practice how they would complete the construction for the entire roll out. The project team had the ability to predict problems or complications that may happen in the field and make adjustments accordingly. With such a tight footprint, every inch counted within the guest rooms for both the guest experience and the success of the operations team.

While framing and plumbing was going in surrounding the model room location, as soon as you passed through the door into the unit, it felt as though you just checked in for the weekend, right down to the room service menus, coffee and tea selections, and linens.

Once the model room was completed, the owner, hotel brand, and future operations team were invited to visit the room and provide feedback to the design team. In an effort to make the full roll out as successful as possible, RODE made updates to the drawings and room pieces. Overall, the exercise of building the model room was a great success as it gave the entire team an opportunity to make any adjustments before building the final rooms, reducing the amount of changes made in field and improving the future guest's experience.

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