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Update From Haverhill

RODE was in Haverhill last month to meet with the building department for our second project in the downtown area. We are very excited to collaborate with Traggorth Companies on the historic 87 Washington Street building. The adaptive reuse of the long vacant space will bring commercial amenities and apartments to the dynamic, urban downtown.

During our visit, we had a chance to stop by Quinn’s Canine Café, the newest commercial tenant at JM Lofts, our first project in Haverhill. The space looks great, and we hear that the city and surrounding town residents are thrilled to have a specialty pet bakery. These three commercial tenants at JM Lofts, Quinn’s Canine Café, Battle Grounds Coffee, and Casa Creatives Photography, demonstrate the energy and potential for the revitalization in Downtown Haverhill.

In addition to new commercial spaces drawing people to the city, the first Shoe City Pro Circuit cycling race took place in July and passed in front of JM Lofts, and there are some fantastic photos from Casa Creatives Photography.

Keep an eye on RODE for more updates on 87 Washington!

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