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Harlem Lacrosse @RODE!

“Build where we live” has many meanings to RODE. It embodies the projects we get built in our neighborhoods, but it also reflects our mission to support the people and institutions that make our community strong. RODE was lucky to host 12 student-athletes from the Harlem Lacrosse program at Tech Boston Academy. During their visit to our office, our team engaged the students in a short lesson on architectural history and discussed the many types of careers in the design industry. The highlight of the visit was an opportunity for the students to design their dream locker room in a live design charrette.

The Harlem Lacrosse visit was made possible by Nick Binder, a Designer at RODE, who is an avid lacrosse player, active volunteer coach, mentor, and Associate Board Member with the Harlem Lacrosse-Boston branch.

Harlem Lacrosse Boston was launched in the fall of 2016 and has grown to provide both boys and girls programs across 5 schools. It is an around-the-clock program that has coaches involved with students during the school day, after school for study halls and practice, and even later in the evening for tutoring sessions. For more information about this great program, and to get involved, check out their website at

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