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Meet the Team: Cecilia Drueding

In April, RODE welcomed Cecilia to the team as Marketing Manager. We caught up with Cecilia to find out what brought her to RODE and what she does when she isn't navigating the marketing waters...

Why did you choose to pursue a job with RODE?

I was looking for a firm that did fun, but also meaningful projects. That is 100% RODE. Their portfolio includes trendy boutique hotels and residential housing but also projects working with non-profit organizations throughout Boston. The smaller firm size of RODE also was exactly what I wanted. I am able to wear many hats here.

In Marketing, you could work in any industry, why do you like architecture?

I am constantly in awe of how a project starts with a group of people brainstorming, then turns to a rough sketch, and then, down the line, evolves into a real building. It sounds silly but it’s true. I also enjoy the challenge of compiling a project’s photos, renderings, and text so that it tells a compelling story about the building.

What's your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby would probably be photography. Photography captures moments, seals a piece of history. My favorite things to photograph are landscape / nature and abandoned architecture. Quite opposite spectrums but nature is uplifting and often about new life, while decaying architecture is thrilling and allows you to step back in time.

What's it like starting a new position during quarantine!?

Weird! The good part is that I had time to really dig into RODE’s portfolio and marketing materials and get a good knowledge foundation of their mission and goals. The challenging part is not being able to hunker down in a conference room for brainstorming sessions, and instead relying on technology to virtually bring us all together.

What new skill have you honed while navigating the role from home?

I have definitely honed my skills in shopping on Amazon, does that count?

Working from home has helped me hone my skills in trying to make meetings as concise and efficient as possible. With everyone spending much of their day on video chats and conference calls now, it’s more necessary than ever to streamline the goals of meetings, to reduce technology fatigue.

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