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A Sneak Peak at Brucewood by the Park

We are proud to unveil an inside look at Boston's first Passive House certified homes, slated for completion in Fall 2021. The trio of single-family, residences in West Roxbury incorporate specialized design techniques that reduce energy usage by 90%.

The design for the homes incorporates natural materials, textures, and colors, creating a cohesive connection to the landscape on the ground level, while the second level hovers over the land like a tree house. While they are unified in their cohesive exterior elements and interior layouts, they are not identical. Each features a variation on the roof line that creates a unique interior cathedral ceiling on the second level, evoking a sense that the houses are siblings, not twins. Designed for flexibility, the interiors include an open living / kitchen / and dining plan and large bedrooms that can be utilized as a den, children's play room, or home office.

To see more photos of Brucewood by the Park, click here.

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