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Curb Appeal: Villa Sheridan

We've taken our talents to Miami (virtually) to create a fresh design concept for the outdoor space of a Spanish colonial villa.

Villa Sheridan is a single family residence located in Miami Beach, FL. In an effort to elevate the facade, curb appeal, and maximize outdoor living space of this already charming home, RODE Architects put together a visualization scope document noting ways in which simple greenery and pavers can activate an otherwise underutilized front yard, creating privacy and street noise reduction.

Inspired by the Spanish colonial Architecture of the area, we proposed to re-work the facade stone work, transform living room windows into french doors connecting the living room and existing outdoor terrace. Extending existing indoor wooden beams into the outdoor terrace creating a canopy that cast shadows and protection from the elements. Simple ways to activate underutilized outdoor spaces and draw connections with existing architecture..

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