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282 Bremen Street Approved by the BPDA

This week, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) approved the design of a building aimed at addressing East Boston's housing needs while supporting the area's local artist scene.

The mixed-use development will provide 139 residential units, 13 of which are work/live spaces reserved for artists. The building also provides 2,100+ SF of artist workspace. On the ground level, 3,200 SF of retail space will be able to accommodate a variety of potential new tenants, such as a daycare facility, local market, or restaurant.

282 Bremen Street also includes many upgrades to the public realm—pedestrian and vehicular access, streetscape design, and landscaping. In addition to improving the public right of way, sloped walkways, steps, and ramps have been integrated into the design to allow the first floor of the building increasing the building’s resiliency to future storms and sea level rise.


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