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Architects & Developers Collaborate to Bring Critical Upgrades to Boston Non-Profit Gavin Foundation

RODE Architects, Bald Hill Builders, BLW Engineers and RealFood are proud to announce the completion of a new kitchen space for the Gavin House, a recovery building for Gavin Quincy, an acute and clinical stabilization treatment center for men and women seeking to recover from the effects of alcohol and other substances. The project, which was made possible through the collaborative approach of several mission-driven partners, transformed the food service program, allowing Gavin Foundation to increase the comfort and care of their patients.

Freshly prepared food and nutrition are details often left out of the path to recovery from addiction in a detox facility, with facilities often relying on catered and frozen foods as the primary option. However, The Gavin Foundation understands that having access to good food and the means to prepare it is critically important to the recovery process. Thus, they sought to update their kitchen space, enlisting the partnership of RODE Architects, who pulled together a full-service team who donated their time to the nonprofit pro-bono.

“Gavin is most grateful to RODE for their generosity and professionalism throughout the design, construction and opening of the kitchen. Their team designed an affordable state of the art kitchen so our chef can prepare wholesome, well balanced, nutritional meals. Our patients and staff couldn’t be happier,” said Gavin Foundation president and CEO, John McGahan.

“When we find opportunities like this to use our design skills and expertise in such an impactful way, we don’t hesitate to dive in. In this case, renovating a kitchen and food prep area in a complex facility fit right into what we regularly do for our hospitality clients,” said RODE Architects Co-founder and Principal, Kevin Deabler.

RODE Architects brought together a full team of experts to help bring the project to reality, working together to renovate the kitchen space, without interrupting meal services during the process. To do this, they assessed the current conditions and studied alternatives for expanding or reconfiguring the basement food preparation area on a low to no cost budget through multiple revisions. Ultimately, the partners concluded that expanding the lower-level food preparation area would make it more versatile and efficient without cutting into critically needed recovery bed space.

Gavin Quincy accommodates 64 patients at a time, ranging for up to a month, aiming for restoration of dignity and self-respect in an understanding, supportive, and home-like environment. The updated kitchen allows for the Gavin Foundation to provide consistent service and increased comfort and nutrition to their residents throughout their journey to recovery. Ahead of their annual fundraising gala, Road to Recovery, the new kitchen space is open and fully operational. For those looking to learn more about The Gavin Foundation, please visit:


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