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Brucewood Homes, Boston's First Passive House Certified Homes, Featured on Boston 25 News

Boston 25 News visited West Roxbury to the site of Brucewood by the Park, Boston's first-ever Passive House Certified Development designed by RODE Architects.

RODE consulted with Belfast-based design firm, Opal, to ensure the homes are truly energy efficient to Passive House standards. They incorporate Passive House features like airtight and heavily-insulated shells that will significantly limit energy usage for heating and cooling throughout the seasons. Each house also features wooden louvres that direct solar gain, reflecting harsh summer sunlight to keep the interior cool, and admitting lower winter sun in during the cold seasons. The project even embraces sustainability beyond Passive House requirements by using fly-ash and treated wood cladding materials, and treed terraces in the sloped backyard that reduce erosion and water runoff.

The homes are slated for completion in 2021. For more information, click here.

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