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Hive Workshop 2: Rendering & Visualization

Collaboration is crucial to our design process. We include our clients from the very start of a project. Their input drives the vision that we transform into a tangible space. We also believe that the best collaboration occurs when a client is able to fully understand our design process. We ensure our client's understanding through the use of digital renderings--the topic of our second workshop.

We focus on two key factors when developing renderings--the client and the design phase. The most important factor is always the client. We form relationships with our clients and learn about their own styles, as well as the overall style of the project. The second factor is the design phase. For this approach, we think of our renderings in stages, in which the renderings get more detailed and realistic as the design phase moves along:

Initial Stage: Renderings that are looser and more reminiscent of a hand sketch are often used during the initial design phases because they leave room for interpretation. Renderings that are too realistic at this stage can often make the design seem solidified and with no room for further adjustments. (above)

Middle Stage: During this phase, more realistic renderings come into play. These renderings often convey how natural and artificial lighting will play a part in the design and provide an abstract version of finishes and tones throughout a space. (above)

Final Stage: Towards the end of the design phase, photo realistic renderings present a very accurate vision of what the outcome of the project will be. These renderings convey finishes, tones, materials, colors, and overall feel of a space in great detail. The accuracy aids in translating the complexities of the design. (above)

Visualization in architecture and design is made possible by digital rendering. Renderings capture the progression of the project as it moves through the design process and allow non-architects to easily envision a space.


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