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Kevin Deabler to Speak About the Future of Healthy Cities

Developing the future means figuring out our relationship with industrial real estate. Creating a modern city takes imagination - like imagining how to coexist with a little more density or considering more equitable ways to move through our streets and sidewalks. But to balance these priorities with economic growth, we need to imagine combining building use types we probably never thought would be together.

The Urban Industrial Market

Over the past three years, supply chain interruptions have become major obstacles to our economy’s health, impacting all major distribution channels in some manner. More than ever, our cities depend on industrial buildings – modernized warehouses, logistics hubs, and local manufacturing facilities – to maintain the flow of goods and services that fuel our economy.

Principal & co-founder Kevin Deabler will be discussing the future of urban industrial next week at BISNOW’s “Innovating and Developing Boston’s Industrial Market” panel (February 8). Here’s a sneak peek of the issues we’ll be tackling!

  • What is the current market demand for development and how are supply vs. demand dynamics impacting the market?

  • From a design standpoint, how are you building in flexibility to your spaces to keep up with the changing demand?

  • How are development and design needs changing based on the type of tenant: mom and pop store vs. bigger box companies?

We hope to see you there; if you’re not already registered, do so at this link (psst, coupon code I20PfFwTKs will get you 20% off).


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