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Meet the Team: Adrian DiCorato

Adrian first came to RODE in early 2020 to complete his externship while studying architecture at the University of Michigan. We are thrilled to share that Adrian is back at RODE, now as a full time designer! Read on to learn more about Adrian and why he chose to return to RODE to begin his career in architecture.

What inspired you to pursue architecture originally?

I’ve been interested in architecture and design for as long as I can remember. Some of that I can attribute to my grandfather, who is a former Knoll furniture designer. I’ve also always enjoyed building models, drawing, and just generally working with my hands. I have a bachelors of science in civil engineering from Tufts University. I was never excited by engineering, though, so after a couple years I decided to return to school and pursue a degree in architecture. I attended the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and have a masters of architecture.

You did your externship with RODE a few years ago. What impacted you as an intern to return to RODE as a full-time employee? Was it RODE’s body of work, office culture, or both?

RODE has a lot going for it. I really appreciate the range of projects—Passive House homes, restaurants, high rises, etc.—and the varied learning opportunities that those projects afford. I had a great time working with Ruthie during my week-long externship and appreciate the laid-back, friendly nature of the entire team.

What types of projects are you interested in working on while at RODE? What specific skills or practices would you like to hone during your career?

I’m particularly interested in social housing practices, domestic spaces, and alternatives to existing housing models. These issues are of particular importance in areas like Boston that experience gentrification and rampant housing inequity. I’d like to work on innovative domestic projects through Boston’s Compact Living Pilot or ADU program. In terms of skills that I’d like to hone, I’ve always enjoyed drawing and pushing architectural representation in creative new directions. I’m also actively pursuing licensure and need more experience with construction drawings, construction administration, etc.

What do you do to decompress outside of work?

Long distance running has always been a passion that helps me decompress. I’ve run four marathons, although it's been years since my last one—there was no time to train during graduate school. Gardening is a passion of mine. I primarily grow cacti and succulents,


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