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Meet the Team: Nick Binder

When Nick isn't working on amazing design projects with RODE, he spends his free time on the slopes or engaged in helping at-risk youth in the Boston area. Nick shared a bit more about himself and his experience working at RODE...

You’ve been with the company for 2 years now. What do you like best about working at RODE Architects?

What I like most about working at RODE is the opportunities we get. The firm is big enough that we have a wide range of big and small projects while small enough that we each get the chance to do things we may not get to do at a larger firm. On top of that, the culture is very open and willing to allow people to try new things.

Can you tell us about a project you are working on that has caused you to think outside the box or hone a skill better?

Yes! Working on the Pine Street Inn/The Community Builders new housing project has been quite a new challenge for me. Previously, I had not worked on a project with so many organizations involved whether it be multiple clients or multiple city and state organizations. And then the nature of supportive housing has several nuances that make it different from a typical apartment building. There are many layers to a project like this.

RODE believes in giving back to the communities with which we work and live. Can you tell us about some of the organizations you have worked with that are making a difference on a local level?

I've been working with Harlem Lacrosse Boston for 3 years now as a volunteer coach, tutor, and mentor. Since working with HL, I have also joined the Associate Board with other young professionals to organize fundraising efforts. When I started, the program had just come to Boston from NY and was a girls team in Mattapan and a boys team at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester. Now the program has expanded to include boys and girls at each location, new schools in East Boston and Chelsea have adopted Harlem Lacrosse, and we have started a new high school team to continue to prepare the students through high school up to college. We have a ton of fun and the kids are amazing!

What do you like to do for fun when you are not working?

I am an avid skier. I've skied my whole life and raced in high school and college. I did dabble with snowboarding in high school only to fall back on my two-planks.


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