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RODE hosts YMCA Young Achievers

By Luke Stevenson

Earlier in the spring, we hosted around a dozen YMCA Greater Boston Young Achievers in the Real Estate Cluster. The program’s goal is to “help young people discover and pursue higher education and career goals needed to succeed and be community role models.” Some of the RODE staff gave the students an overview of the work that RODE does, then our firm Principals took them on a tour of our office before digging in to the day's project.

We created an activity to engage the students in the work that we do everyday – imagining the potential and possibilities for a parcel of land. We gave the participants a laser cut site model and provided them with 3D printed massing blocks and prompted them to create a development that they thought would be appropriate for the site and location near the YMCA Dorchester building.

This past weekend, we were honored to be awarded the YMCA's Community Partner Award for our work with the Young Achievers.

We’re looking forward to working with the wonderful YMCA staff again and hosting more YMCA cohorts in the future! For more information about the program, including how you can participate, visit:


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