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Spotlight On: Ivanildo DaMoura

Every year, RODE invites a handful of talented young individuals studying architecture and design to experience what it's like working at an architecture firm. The students are able to work with our team on projects in all phases of the design process and apply the knowledge and skills they've obtained in their education thus far. This opportunity is extremely rewarding for us. We get to connect with the future professionals of the industry, learn the methods and programs being focused on in today's architecture curriculums, and help students gain a clearer picture of how fulfilling a career in the industry can be.

This week, Ivanildo DaMoura wrapped up his time with RODE and we are sad to see him go. Ivanildo, currently a student at Fitchburg State University, was able to apply his talents to a variety of projects. He dazzled the team with his model-making skills, was happy to lend a hand on job sites, and came in with a smile every day. This week, we sat down with Ivanildo to learn how he got into architecture and how his time at RODE has impacted his career goals.

What degree are you pursuing at Fitchburg State?

My major is Engineering Technology with a focus on Architecture.

What made you become interested in architecture?

I was born and raised in Cape Verde until I was about 8-years old before migrating to the United States. During my childhood in Cape Verde, I spent a lot of time around my grandfather and uncles who were all builders. In doing so, I developed a strong interest in architecture and construction.

How did you hear about RODE Architects and what made you choose us to do your internship with?

I was recommended for an internship with RODE through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester. I chose RODE because they are working on many great projects in my city and I hope to gain experience to further my career.

What skills that you learned in school have you been able to use at RODE?

My past courses at Fitchburg state have taught me how to use Revit which has allowed me to help the team develop designs. I have also been able to apply my skills in 3D modeling. RODE has a great fabrication shop with all of the tools you need to make a really great model.

What new skills has RODE taught you since being here?

I've been able to spend a lot of time in West Roxbury at the Brucewood Homes job site, where RODE is building three Passive House certified homes. I helped construct the houses and learned what Passive House means and why it's important. The process was very interesting because the homes are constructed differently than regular homes and specialized testing is conducted to make sure the homes will become certified. I was also able to build representational 3D models for different types of buildings. Being able to build models for a real firm gave me the opportunity to ask the team for tips on how to construct the models, as well as what materials are best to use. It was a lot of fun.

We wish Ivanildo success as he continues in his studies and hope he will think of us when he's ready to begin his career!


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