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Southern Proper

The concept behind Southern Proper is a personal reflection of Chef/Owner Jason Cheek’s upbringing who hails from a tobacco farm in North Carolina. RODE Architects made sure to accurately capture the spirit of those memories. Inspiration was taken from both the unique construction of tobacco barns as well as the nostalgia of the farmhouse interior. Large pine members interlock and crisscross to fill the voluminous, glass space. A backlit wall and ceiling over the bar mimic the venting slats of a tobacco barn. The central oval shaped bar is constructed with a collage of antique dining table tops and faced with tin ceiling panels salvaged from a theatre in Albany NY. An array of salvaged table lamps flipped upside down anchor the center of the space and add quirk and warmth to the surrounding pine structure. Custom built window shades slide into position to filter the south facing sunlight while impressive linen drapes flank the north side of the dining room. This entirety of the space has you feeling like you are truly in Chef Cheek’s happy place.

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