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RODE Recap: 2020

2020 changed the world as we know it. It tested our strength, resiliency, patience, and skills in technology. It kept us apart while empowering us to come together. It made us think outside the box about how to do business as usual, in unusual ways. And now, as the year is almost over, we have reflected on this year and determined that RODE CRUSHED 2020 and we are ready to tackle 2021 stronger than ever. And now, a word from our fearless leaders...

K/E video

We are proud of all that we accomplished in 2020, from awards to community outreach to project completions. These wins are the result of a passionate group of people determined to not let obstacles like pandemics slow us down...

DBC drone 20A (1)_edited.jpg

Dorchester Brewing Co. wins an AIA New England Design Award.

We are proud of our accomplishments but we couldn't have done it without the support of our clients, colleagues, friends and family. From everyone at RODE, we thank you for your support and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.
Next stop, 2021!

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