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Behind the Scenes at RODE

This summer RODE has been buzzing with new projects and an upcoming office expansion. Check out some recent highlights:

DOT BLOCK development is well underway. After a successful meeting with BCDC, we are updating our design to make sure it responds to the surrounding buildings in the public realm. Keep an eye out for exciting building model updates.

If you’re a fan of good food, then you will be thrilled about our repeat design work with Nookie Postal on his new barbecue/jewish deli concept, Steinbones, built out of a hacked shipping container measuring 40 feet and weighing 4 tons.

Good food requires good drinks. When you’re feeling thirsty this fall, head over to Coppersmith in South Boston. We are quickly approaching opening day for the restaurant featuring food trucks, cafe and a rooftop deck whose industrial flair is inspired by the adaptive reuse of the old machine shop. And if you are in town for a short stay, we are in the preliminary design stages of a new boutique hotel and condos on West Broadway in the vibrant neighborhood of South Boston.

Not only is our office growing, but we are making moves in the concrete jungle. RODE is taking in the sights from the Brooklyn Waterfront where we are developing the infrastructure for a cement batching plant.

This has been a great summer so far for RODE. We are looking forward to pushing our designs forward and getting the office renovation under way.



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