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Case Study: Flats on Savin – ‘Hushframe’

Construction of our “Flats on Savin," a 14 unit mixed use project with a new commercial space , is now well underway. Much like all design projects, it has its own set of unique challenges that drive ingenuity and creative solutions. One of the most unique in this case is the building’s proximity to the expressway and the railroad tracks.

The project sits only 3’0” way from the MTBA’s property line. This set of tracks is very busy with Red Line branches in each direction, as well as the commuter rail and Amtrak lines. I-93 north and south follow on the other side of the tracks.

The challenge: How do you manage the sound? The design team turned to a new, innovative technology called “Hushframe.” This technology has been developed by Alan Case of Building Component Development, LLC., with assistance from Architect Eric Robinson of RODE. These “Rafts,” constructed of plywood and silicone create a break in the vibration created by sound. The vibrations are transmitted through the wall and into the raft. The raft then isolates the drywall from the sound and denies vibrations from transmitting into the residential units.

The product has been tested by “Riverbank Acoustical Laborites,” and preformed very well in the lab setting.

This product has yet to be fully implemented in a project, so we are excited to see the results at “Flats on Savin,” where it will be fully incorporated and serve a critical need.

Below is a collection of baseline data that was collected onsite before windows and drywall had been installed. These readings allow us to better understand how the rafts preform in a real world installation.

On Thursday February 2, 2017 @ 10:00am the following readings were collected from Bedroom #1 in Unit 206 on the Second floor.

Ambient sound facing away from I-93 – 54 dB

I-93 Ambient base sound - 65 dB

I-93 Spike from truck - 78 dB

Ashmont Train arrival to Savin Hill - 82 dB

Ashmont Train departure from Savin Hill - 86 dB

Braintree Train passing at full speed - 95 dB

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