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Meet the Team: Miranda Shugars

This spring we introduced our newest members to the RODE family, so this Fall we'd like to re-introduce you to the rest of our amazing design team, to learn how they've dealt with designing during a pandemic, what they do for fun outside of work, and what design means to them. This week, Miranda Shugars took time out of her busy day to chat with us.

What made you bring your talents to RODE?

I heard Eric and Kevin on WGBH's Friday quiz show (with Jim Braude and

Margery Eagan). They talked about RODE's supportive housing project with Pine Street Inn homeless shelter, and about the firm's philosophy of designing and building where you live, and I thought, these are the people I want to be working with. I came to Boston in search of a socially responsible, locally-rooted architecture firm large enough for good mentorship but small enough for flexible hierarchy. I applied to RODE because they checked all my boxes and then some.

What would be your dream project to design and why?

This answer will probably be different every time, but today I'd say a landscape park. I'd like to design something minimal that celebrates and preserves a large space for unscripted wandering, with only a few precise, strategic built interventions. I like working on preservation projects for the same reason. It would also be tons of fun to design a playground.

Fall is coming…what is your favorite autumn/winter hobby?

Easily anything outdoors! This season, the appropriately socially distant sport of rock climbing. The sport consumes you, both physically and mentally, so it's a great way to unwind after a long week.

What do you like best about working from home? What do you miss most about being in the RODE office?

I like my new coworker kitten, but I miss my old coworkers as well. It will be nice to be back together again where we can easily come together as a team and collaborate in-person.


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